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About us
PREMIUM PROJECTS is a leader in luxury residential real estate and class A office buildings and one of the largest developers in Lebanon. Initially a multi-service provider to developers and property owners with expertise in high quality solutions for interior design and finishing, as well as support and advice in the financial and management aspect, Premium Projects grew in 2006 to become one of Lebanon’s leading developers. Our strong belief and trust in the potential of the Lebanese real estate sector convinced us to join the efforts in providing remarkable properties for the underdeveloped market. Houssam Batal, the CEO, along with a team of high expertise in the field of real estate development and construction aim to ensure the premium quality of our real estate  projects  providing outstanding architecture, premium design quality, excellence in construction standards, attentive property management, and maintenance.
Mission & Vision

Redefining the meaning of iconic and luxurious real estate


By capitalizing on our vast local and international real estate knowledge and talented team, we aim to become Lebanon’s top real estate developers, and to build our clients’ dream homes and offices .

Key Strengths
1 –Perfection: We are dedicated to providing the highest standards in every aspect of our business. It is reflected in the distinctive architecture and interior design of our developments, in the quality of construction and  in the distinctive performance of our executive team and partners.

2- Execution: Because of our strong network and our extensive experience in the development and construction business, we are the choice for investors and lenders interested in  a team known for credibility, track record, and ability to execute a complicated strategy to maximize their returns and profitability.

3- Team: Above all else, our key advantage is the quality and experience of our people. Our executive team is headed by Houssam Batal, who holds a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia University in the city of New York and a BS in Management and Finance, and supported by an experienced and highly skilled management, construction, and development team. We place a high premium on finding and retaining only those individuals who are the very best in their respective fields. The professionalism and entrepreneurrialism of our employees at every level is often recognized by our partners and customers as a distinguishing characteristic of our company.

One of Premium Projects greatest assets is our financial strength and expertise. This includes our significant net worth and liquidity, access to capital, financial flexibility, adaptability to the market  and ability to minimize risk. We continue to reinvest our capital in our business and, as a result, have created a company and projects with significant equity value.